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Our professional team at Premier Care Management of Georgia is passionate about helping seniors and families overcome complex challenges related to senior health and care issues. We take time to understand you, your health issues, and your challenges. We enjoy working with seniors and families to design and implement personalized care plans that can greatly improve our clients’ health and well being. 


At Premier Care Management of Georgia we believe our character and core competencies set us apart:




Our motto is, “Excellence & Compassion in Care” and this core idea lies at the heart of our work and who we are as a company. We are committed to excellence in everything we do and we love seniors. Our hearts desire is to see seniors and their families receive the help they need to live healthy and happy lives.    




At Premier Care Management of Georgia we have set our standard above what is commonly accepted in our industry. Our RN Certified Care Managers are educated and experienced in a wide range of fields related to senior care and care management. This experience and expertise includes, but is not limited to:


  • Nursing

  • Gerontology

  • Health Care Management

  • Medication Management

  • Relationships with Health Providers and Hospitals

  • Dementia Care Consultation

  • Senior and Family Education

  • Coaching & Consulting with Seniors and Families

  • Management of Senior Housing (Aging in Place and Placement)

  • Many other issues related to aging and elder care.


We work well together as a team, drawing upon our collective experience and expertise to design the best possible care plans and solutions.   




We understand that every senior has their own specific health care challenges. Our care plans and solutions are always personally designed specifically for you. We believe this personalized approach improves senior care outcomes and increases healthy engagement. In today’s complex healthcare environment, patients need to take ownership of their own health and outcomes. We understand that this is often not possible for those in declining health. We provide this much needed assistance by providing personalized care management that improves health and wellness outcomes.




We believe every senior needs a strong advocate to represent them well in all aspects of health care and life.  We are geriatric care managers who are experienced and well respected advocates in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We advocate and interface well with healthcare providers, housing and healthcare institutions to achieve the best possible outcomes.




At Premier Care Management of Georgia we believe in life-long learning.   We believe senior and family education can greatly improves health and care outcomes. We incorporate the learning process into our care plans to help engage patients and their caregivers to be proactive and empowered participants in the health care process. We patiently work with seniors and families using simple and practical care related information. We tailor our learning objectives to specifically fit the learning potential of each senior and family.



We understand that you reach out to us when you’re in a season of great challenge and need.  You look to us as experts to help you solve these pressing health and care related issues. We’re committed to providing seniors and families with results-oriented care plans that produce real and positive outcomes. Our care management firm continues to grow everyday because we’re able to solve complex senior care issues. We grow mostly through referrals that come to us from our satisfied clients.

We work closely with other health care providers and agencies in the greater Atlanta area.  Based upon our personalized assessment of your health and care needs, we can also offer solutions outside of our firm’s expertise. If we can’t help you we know of someone who can and we’re happy to connect you to another resource. If you do choose us you can be sure you’ll have an outcome that delivers on your specific health, care needs and goals.

“Excellence & Compassion in Care”  We are Premier Care Management of Georgia.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help you!






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