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A Specialized Program for Older Adults That Are Making Decisions

About Their Future Independently


You might be a solo ager if you are…

  1.  An individual or couple without children

  2.  An individual who never married or had children

  3.  An individual living alone since the divorce or death of a partner

  4.  An individual or couple whose children or relatives live far away or are estranged

Solo aging can be a satisfying life full of joy, but early planning is crucial to maintain choice, independence, and autonomy throughout later life. This means planning so that your home, legal and financial matters, medical team, and social community are set up for aging well.


The Premier Aging Solo Atlanta program offers:

Care Coordinator: A dedicated and consistent Care Coordinator who will assist with coordinating physician appointments, prescription delivery, home maintenance or housekeeping services, transportation, grocery delivery and other concierge services that allow you to enjoy life without these details to manage.  

Access Always: As an active client, you will have access to 24/7 available RN Care Managers or Geriatric Care Managers that can assist if you have a hospitalization, require advocacy, need recommendation for rehabilitation or medical equipment or any change in condition.

Assessment: The initial assessment will address the recommendations that will encourage healthy lifestyle and longevity. We will review health conditions, housing safety, insurance and more.

Accessible Records: There will be the creation of online HIPPA protected portal where your entire medical, legal documents and health information along with your assessment is stored and readily accessible to you and your healthcare or aging experts team members.

Serving in Legal Roles: The Premier Care Management team is available to serve as Healthcare Agent in the Advanced Directives for Healthcare, as Financial Power of Attorney, as Guardian and Trustee, if one or more of these duties are necessary.

Creating Expert Advisors for the Aging Journey. We can recommend professionals such as attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and insurance consultants, if needed. Our network is built with advisors that we have personally worked with and have seen successful outcomes with other clients. 

Build your Social Community: You will be able to join our private members only Facebook community where you can meet others to enhance your social community.

Getting Started: We start with a phone or zoom conference call to understand your specific situation and will build the individualized program for you.

To lean more about Solo Aging, or if you have any questions, please call

Premier Care Management a: 404-430-5307.

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