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We are the Aging Life Care Management Experts with a passion to help others. We are Premier Care Management of Georgia.


Our professional team of experienced Geriatric Care Managers at Premier Care Management of Georgia is pleased to partner with companies that desire to deliver a high-value, evidence-based, employee assistance program to your valued employees.

As the leading experts in Aging and Geriatric Care Management we bring excellence, compassion and real results to those we serve. We are passionate about helping your company’s employees overcome the complex challenges related to the care and management of their senior family members. We believe that to have a healthy company, you need healthy employees!

We partner with your organization to maximize the wellbeing and productivity of your workplace and your employees.  We take time to understand your company’s needs, your employees and the difficult care challenges they are facing.

We work with your employees and their senior family members to design and implement personalized care plans that greatly improve the health, productivity and wellbeing of your employees and their families. Our primary goal is to provide relevant and expert care solutions that solve real problems.

By using the Eldercare Management services of Premier Care Management, your employees will:

  • Experience increased productivity as personal stress and problems directly related to the care of their loved ones is decreased.

  • Reduce future problems by providing the employee and their family with an assessment of care needs, implementation of the agreed upon care plan, and providing coping strategies that enable a higher quality outcome.

  • Celebrate having a valued partner that can direct the options of care, providing real solutions to the overwhelming emotions involved in being a caregiver.

  • Feel supported by a company that places understanding and value on the need for a work life balance.

We provide proactive, evidenced-based care management services that keep employees healthy, focused and productive.

We also offer caregiver support group meetings and presentations to educate and support the employees that are in the midst of being in a caregiver role.

Call us today to learn more about the services Premier Care Management can provide to your valued employees at 404-430-5307 or fill our the contact form below.

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