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It was a cold, rainy afternoon when Bernice, my mother in law, whom we affectionately called Mama, came into the kitchen and asked if it was time for breakfast. It was 5:30 in the afternoon and dinner was in the oven. When I told her it was in the late afternoon, a look of confusion crossed her face that I will never forget. That moment was frozen in time. Sure there were the little things that I had noticed before, like “where did I put the keys”, or “what time are we going to the doctor?” But as things progressed I began to think, ‘is there something not right?’.  But on this afternoon, I knew ‘something was wrong’ this was the beginning of our journey with Mama’s battle with dementia.

Mama and Tracy

Over the next 11 years, we cared for our dear Mama at home, helping her with small things that grew into big things. She was at times agitated and demanding. Her mood swings were enough to cause whip lash. She pushed our patience at times to a point that we had to just “get a break” from the constant care. But, we also learned that the heart knows no limits to love. Over time as her condition worsened we knew we needed outside help to manage her care.

As we looked for caregivers and doctors to help we found it very difficult to find a comprehensive or cohesive approach to help us manage my mother in law’s overall care and in particular her dementia related care needs.

After this experience and over a decade of working with seniors as an RN, Executive Director in independent, assisted and memory care communities, I turned this knowledge, experience and passion exclusively to the practice of Geriatric Care Management. At Premier Care Management we know how to effectively piece together the many complex parts of a personalized care plan. A care plan that improves the health and well-being of our clients and their families.


My name is Tracy Johnson and I launched Premier Care Management with an amazing team of professionals who care deeply about helping others.  We have a passion to provide seniors and their families with the expertise, knowledge and compassionate care they need to effectively navigate through the journey and challenges of aging.


Every day, we have the amazing privilege of making a profound difference in the lives of seniors. Our love and care for our senior clients draws out the best in us and can be clearly seen in our exceptional care management services and treatment plan outcomes.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help you!


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