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Jessica Kelly, RN, BS, MAG
Geriatric Care Manager


Jessica received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Shorter University. She would move on to receive a master’s degree in gerontology from Georgia State University. After graduating she pursued a career in clinical research that focused on mental health on Alzheimer's disease.  During her time in clinical research, she visited assisted living facilities and senior centers to give presentations on dementia as well as other issues associated with aging. When she knew care management was her dream career path she obtained her license to become a Registered Nurse. 


Jessica spent 7.5 years working as a Registered Nurse in the emergency department, becoming a tenured and valuable member of the staff. During her time in the emergency department she was able to pursue two areas of particular interest. Firstly, assisting patients who may be experiencing a simple ailment to those who might be having a life-threatening medical emergency. Secondly, being a mentor, coach and leader to the new nurses; teaching them the skills and confidence needed for this high intensity environment.  Her passion for her job and the respect she earned amongst her peers culminated with a nomination for the AJC Nursing Excellence Award and voted the Team Lead of the Year for 2022.

Jessica is able to combine her background in gerontology and bedside nursing to provide a well rounded approach to managing care. She has seen firsthand the difficulties that seniors face as they try to navigate the challenges associated with aging. This led to a particular desire to assist in bridging the knowledge gap that exists and achieving the best outcome. 

In her spare time Jessica loves to travel and her favorite places so far are Ireland and Hawaii. She loves trying new restaurants and foods and can usually be found with an odd snack in her possession.  She loves movies, documentaries, podcasts and reading.  Her two cats, Gambit and Zoey, are the loves of her life. 



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