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Janis Adams, RN, BSN, CMC
Certified Aging Life Care Manager


Janis is a passionate Aging Life Care professional and advocate with more than 35 years of experience in healthcare. Her extensive background as a Registered Nurse includes critical care, ER, home care and geriatrics.


After founding and developing a small family-owned home care company for 11 years in southern California, Janis has a unique and thorough understanding of the challenges aging adults and their families face on a daily basis. Her years in home care has given her a wealth of real-life experience, knowing what works and what doesn’t work with elderly clients; and above all, how to keep them safe, happy and thriving wherever they call their “home”.

As an avid problem solver, Janis uses a respectful holistic approach to each client situation, knowing that every client and their family is unique with their own set of values and past life experiences. She believes that “it takes a village”, and readily utilizes family, community and

professional resources to help support clients and their families for their short and long-term needs.

On a personal note, Janis was her own elderly (90+ yo) parents’ personal Aging Life Care Manager for over 6 years. She and her sister developed and carried out a detailed care plan that included getting their parents to agree to move from Honolulu to California, packing their belongings, making the 5 hour flight by plane, and finding them the appropriate living arrangements and care support near Janis’ home.

Janis was born and raised in Honolulu and graduated with a BS in Nursing from the University of Hawaii. She moved to California in the late 1980’s where she met her husband, David. They settled in Dana Point for almost 30 years, where they raised their one son, Drew. After selling her home care company in 2020, Janis and her husband retired to San Antonio, Texas to be closer to their son and his family in Austin. But after her son’s family moved to Roswell, GA, and 2 grandchildren later, Janis and her husband decided to move to Woodstock, actively

enjoy their growing family.

Janis enjoys an active lifestyle, including gardening, pilates, golf, hiking, biking and exploring new places.

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