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Cassandra Johnson
Care Manager Assistant

Cassandra was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and has lived in Georgia for over 13 years.  She is blessed to share life with her husband, children, grandchildren, and those that she can assist.

Cassandra has always had a passion for helping others. The opportunity of assisting her vision-impaired grandmother for many years. Allowed her to develop a concern and passion to help other families with life-changing decision-making for over 25 years.

Her journey started early in case management assisting as a court liaison for Kelly Miller Smith in 1993.  She was able to see a greater need and desire to assist families with different situations from all walks of life.  

After she realized there was a decline in follow-up, well-checks, companionship, and essential care. Cassandra found that she wanted to make herself available to bring hope for change to these areas.

On her journey to do so, she has been able to assist families as a youth counselor, mentor, life coach, senior care, and special needs and is pastoral licensed and ordained.

Cassandra found that she was now on the right path assisting families that deal with planned or unplanned life situations.  Being a part of Premier Care Management has allowed her passion, love, and patience to assist seniors even more.

To experience seniors laughing and sharing life stories and even allowing opportunities for additional help brings a great joy to her heart.  

Cassandra connects with her community by using her talents and gifts to serve others. Cassandra has been recognized and awarded throughout the years as she has been blessed to work in her passion.

Cassandra enjoys traveling, reading, nature walks, and decorating.

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