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Vanessa Castelle, LCSW
Geriatric Care Manager


Vanessa has a true joy and passion for helping people from all walks of life! Vanessa has been a Social Worker since 2009, spending the last 7+ years working in Case Management in the hospital setting. She has been blessed to have had the opportunity to serve our senior patients at hospitals in both Florida and Georgia. In the hospital setting, Vanessa focused on Care Coordination, ensuring patients had what they needed to continue to have the best quality of life once discharged. In addition, she is a true patient/family advocate and provides honest guidance and emotional support throughout the entire admission and discharge process.

Vanessa was born into a family where both of her parents worked in the medical field (Surgeon and Anesthesiologist) and had been exposed to the medical field from a very young age. Vanessa always knew Healthcare was her calling. As a high school student, Vanessa enjoyed volunteering and dedicating her time to serving residents of nursing homes. Her passion continued to blossom while working at the hospital and seeing the need for patients to have a safe transition once discharged. Vanessa has helped families transition to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabs (Skilled Nursing and Acute), independent living, and more. She also worked with home health, hospice, and medical equipment companies in an effort to always find the best care for her patients. Vanessa has a true understanding of navigating the complexities of healthcare in a way that is tailored to the individual she is working with, allowing each person and situation to have the best possible outcome. Her warm, compassionate, and comprehensive approach allows her to connect easily with others, making for lasting and trusting relationships with those she serves. 

Vanessa was born and raised in Florida and moved to Georgia in 2020 with her Husband, Khaleid. They recently welcomed their beautiful daughter, Lianna, into the family. Vanessa loves to travel, try new cuisines, listen to all genres of music, spend time outdoors, and is always looking to create beautiful memories with friends and family! 

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