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Brenda Waters Headshot.JPG
Brenda Waters, BSW
Geriatric Care Manager


Brenda has always known that she would be a social worker. Being a good listener and helping others has been her life-long driving force. She grew up as a military “brat” as her father served in the United States Air Force for 23 years. The family moved many times due to her father being stationed throughout the East Coast, Midwest, and Europe. Her upbringing taught Brenda to adapt quickly, get to know other people and their cultures, and discover that family is a constant when everything else around her was changing.

She graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Northern Michigan University. Brenda found she had an affinity for working with the elderly population and wanted to make that her life focus. She believed then, as she does now, in looking at “problems” as challenges that can be overcome with perseverance and by thinking outside the box.

After graduating, she worked as a Care Manager at the Area Agency on Aging in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before she and her husband relocated to Georgia in 1996. For a time, she worked as a hospital social worker and, for the past 25 years, has served as the director of social services in two nursing homes. Her experience in long-term care and as a facilitator of an Alzheimer’s support group for 20 years has provided Brenda with many opportunities to help seniors access skilled nursing services, return home with appropriate community services, and assist with end-of-life transitions at home and at facilities. She believes helping seniors live their best life is truly a gift.

Brenda and her husband live in Douglas County. They have two adult daughters and two dogs. She enjoys listening to all types of music, watching football and soccer, baking, and reading

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