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Move Management


Susan Phillips
Senior Move Manager
Dementia Activity Specialist
Care Manager Assistant

Susan has been with Premier Care Management since its inception in February of 2018.  She currently serves as our Senior Move Manager and also enjoys her work as a Dementia Activity Specialist, and care manager assistant.

She has a special gift of relating to seniors in a variety of different circumstances and settings. Susan works with dementia clients both at home and in the senior living setting. She is skilled at engaging  seniors in activities they have enjoyed in past. These can range from shopping, concerts, eating out etc. She achieves the goal of adding positive stimulation and enjoyment during the senior’s day. Susan also assists our RN Care Managers when needed.

As a Senior Move Manager, Susan is skilled and experienced at managing a senior’s move on all levels.  Each client’s needs are carefully assessed and noted, and special care is taken to make the new home transition as smooth as possible.  She seamlessly coordinates all aspects of the move from beginning to end.  Susan makes a profound difference in the often-difficult moving process, allowing our senior clients to experience a move that is as stress free and pleasant as possible. 

Susan and her husband David have three sons, twins and an older brother all in college.  They direct the National Clogging Association in their spare time.  Susan enjoys junking as a favorite pastime where she travels.

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