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Melissa Dryden, RN, BSN
Geriatric Care Manager


Melissa began her nursing career 23 years ago with a passion for mothers and babies.  She decided when she was 12 years old after seeing her mother’s very good friend give birth to her last child and only daughter that she wanted to become a nurse.   She worked as a CNA while in college then as a bedside nurse for many years before becoming a case manager.   She grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and received her Bachelor of Science in nursing in 2002 from the University of New Hampshire.  She has expertise in many areas of nursing ranging from direct patient care to the insurance and financial end of the healthcare system. When her grandmother was diagnosed with heart failure and dementia in 2015 she knew she would devote many years of her nursing career to ensuring that the aging population received the same kind of caring, respectful and skilled care that her grandmother did.  Melissa is a gifted advocate and educator and has a passion for loving people and sharing kindness.


In her free time, Melissa can be found volunteering at her church, taking a lazy drive on a sunny day with a cappuccino in hand with her husband of 21 years, laughing with her three adult children, decorating, crafting or making delicious, healthy meals.  

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