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Monique York, RN, BSN, CDP
Geriatric Care Manager


Monique has been in the healthcare field for eighteen years and is a graduate of North Georgia College and State University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2003.   She has expertise in several areas of nursing to include Neonatal and Pediatric ICU but has spent the last 6 years of her nursing career in Hospice. 

While working with seniors in Hospice, she realized how important good senior care was to this population and soon realized that senior care was where her heart was.  She believes that every senior should be cared for with compassion and respect and therefore she strives to ensure that this happens.  She believes that no senior should ever feel alone to navigate through medical and community resources and therefore believes that Senior care management is such an important service.

Monique was born in Millington, Tennessee but spent most of her childhood growing up in Ulysses, Pennsylvania.  Right out of high school, in 1989, she joined the United States Air Force.  She was stationed at Ellsworth AFB, where she worked on Offensive Avionic systems on the B-I Bomber.  She stayed in the service for eleven years before becoming a registered nurse.

Monique enjoys traveling to anywhere near the ocean, singing, and spending time with her husband Tracy and their four children.

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