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Premier Care Management of Georgia                                                                                      470-499-1272

We Understand the Challenges Your're Facing

Receive A Free Consultation Today With An Experienced RN Geriatric

Care Manager!



A confidential one-on-one phone consultation with an experienced RN Geriatric Care Manager.


One of our RN Care Managers will ask you some informative questions and then give you the opportunity to discuss your specific care challenges and needs.

Your RN Care Manager will give you some specific  and helpful recommendations.  We will also let you know if our Care Management services could be helpful to you and your family. 

Meet Our Premier Team of RN Care Managers

Our professional team at Premier Care Management of Georgia is passionate about helping seniors and families overcome complex challenges related to senior health and care issues.  We enjoy working with seniors and families to design and implement personalized care plans that can greatly improve our clients’ health and wellbeing. 

Janet Townsend, RN, CMC
Certified Aging Life Care Manager
Melissa Hyatt, RN, CMC
Certified Aging Life Care Manager
Lauren Voyles, RN, BSN, CCM
Certified Care Manager
Certified Patient Advocate
Tracy Johnson, RN, CCM
Founder & CEO 
Felecia Paul-Gray, RN, BSNA
Geriatric Care Manager
Mandy Antonio, RN
Geriatric Care Manager
Yes!  I would like to receive a complementary phone consultation 
to discuss my care challenges. 

Thank you. We'll be in touch with you soon!

This is a positive, informative, professional, no pressure phone consultation. There is absolutely no obligation to use or purchase any of our care management services. 


Premier Care Management of Georgia

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Atlanta, Georgia 30326

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