Now using the latest technologies, a Virtual Care Management Consultant can work remotely over the phone and internet rather than on site at the client's location. This allows every client regardless of location to easily access our expert help in a timely and cost-effective way.  

Our Virtual Care Management services are personalized to provide effective solutions that greatly improve our clients’ health and wellbeing. Our RN Certified Care Managers are educated and experienced in a broad range of fields related to senior care and care management. This experience and expertise include, but is not limited to:


  • Comprehensive care assessment, planning and implementation

  • Modification of plan in consultation with client and family, as circumstances change

  • Complex problem-solving

  • Liaison for families not local by provide long-distance care and oversight


  • Helping clients navigate through the emergency department and hospitalizations

  • Oversight of rehabilitation stays and ensuring that adequate care is available to the client

  • For families that live at a distance, we are a 24/7 emergency contact


  • Regular health check-ins and assessment

  • Interact with the health care system effectively

  • Escort client to medical appointments and serve as a strong advocate to doctors and healthcare providers

  • Facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family

  • Deliver specialized care services: monitoring complex medical conditions

  • Management and oversight of home health and hospice services

  • Medication review and management


  • Providing coaching, guidance and support

  • Client and family education and advocacy services

  • Promoting the client’s wishes with healthcare and other providers

  • Represent the client as needed and ensuring that the client’s needs are being adequately addressed  


  • Working to identify cost savings options and ensure the preservation of client’s assets

  • Daily money management and/or consulting with client’s accountant or power of attorney

  • Provide information on federal and state entitlements

  • Connecting client and families to local programs when appropriate

  • Help clients and families with insurance concerns, claims, and applications

  • Connect client and families to appropriate professionals and agencies as needed


  • Researching and recommending appropriate in-home care services

  • Home care plan review and oversight

  • Family caregiver coaching and encouragement

  • Arrange & monitor home care staff and services


  • Assist clients to remain at home when possible

  • Assist with appropriate placement

  • Assisting with the client’s move into or transition from a retirement community or nursing care facility

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